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See below for a list of vacancies to work with the various research groups involved in aQa. All positions are formally affiliated with the indicated department at Leiden University

Postdoctoral Researcher - LION

  • Duration: 3 years (possibility for 1 year extension)

  • Contact - Vedran Dunjko ( or Thomas O'Brien (

  • Deadline: Position open until suitable candidate is found.

This position is opened as part of the newly-started SAILS initiative at Leiden University. Biochemistry is rapidly emerging as the next frontier of complex computational challenges: the understanding of complex biological interactions and the identification of new drugs and treatments is stymied by difficulties in the accurate modelling of large molecular systems. Quantum computing is emerging as a potential candidate to tackle these large systems, due to the ability to generate and probe artificial ground states on quantum devices. This project aims to build on recent work optimizing quantum algorithms for quantum chemistry systems, and to assist in the identification of biochemical systems to target on near term and future fault-tolerant quantum devices.